Monday, April 23, 2012

Creativity & Shamanism 

Sunset over the Forest, pastel on paper, 
33" H x 28" W

The newest CREATIVITY & SHAMANISM© workshop, LIVING A CREATED LIFE, was developed in 2011 & 2012 in response to requests from students for a comprehensive system of practical shamanic technologies and modern theories about the creation process that could be applied everywhere - not just in visual arts but to every aspect, big and small, of daily life.  

The workshop has been offered both as three separate 3-hour classes and as a weekend-long, in-depth exploration of shamanic practices and work with the land.  

In LIVING A CREATED LIFE each of us discovers profound and personal answers to some of today's most pressing questions:

- What does it take to live a life of ongoing joy, purpose, and fulfillment - in continual connection with Universal energy and participating fully in the expansion of human consciousness?  

- How can we best fulfill our essential nature:  loving self and others, serving, and contributing authentically to our communities and our world?  

Over the course of the workshop we deepen our relationship with Source; master the context of sufficiency and radical gratitude; learn the simple, everyday practical tools of creation; and celebrate the revelation of a balanced life of creation, devotion, and action.

Carol Dearborn is a visual artist, initiated shaman in the Peruvian Inca tradition, President Emeritus of the Sufficiency Foundation, Reiki Master Teacher, and trained facilitator of the Pachamama Alliance Awakening the Dreamer, Changing the Dream Symposium. Carol has more than 30 years' experience teaching art and many forms of energetic healing. She is the 3rd generation of women painters in her family to use art as a force for healing, transformation, and world peace. Her mission is to help awaken modern cultures to our freedom and responsibility to create a sustainable presence on Earth through the evolution of human consciousness and particularly our connection to the sacred in all forms.

Carol gives gallery talks and conducts classes and workshops for artists, educators, spiritual groups, and the general public. Offered in conjunction with her exhibits, these talks and workshops often center on Earth-honoring principles and practices, tools for exploring human creativity, and the importance of art in an evolving human consciousness of reverence and responsibility for all life.

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