Monday, April 6, 2009

MARCH SALON: An Artists' Round Table

Recently I was invited by Ditto Editions of Salem to take part in a panel discussion about marketing as part of Ditto's continuing Salon Nights series, held at the Salem State College Enterprise Center.  

The Salons are a great service to the arts community, covering all topics of the business of art marketing, from networking etiquette to web and blog design.  

Above:  Shells by Carol Dearborn, pastel on paper

Organizer and speaker Susan Fader, co-owner, with husband Nick, of Ditto, offers the unique perspective of a rich background in many branches of the arts, from her schooling and experience in studio art (her new work is with vintage and antique turned wood and other found objects) to heading advertising and marketing firms.  

For this Salon I was asked to talk about the evolution of my career from portraiture and other privately commissioned works to exploring a more public vision of ecological themes, marketed in part to corporations.

Other panel speakers included Karen Harvey Cox,  Joan Colt Hooper and Joan van Roden White, artists who have chosen completely different avenues of marketing, from privately held receptions to web marketing.  

In addition to local coverage by Ditto, the Boston Globe gave us the following write-up:  

ARTISTS NETWORK: Like most people, artists are struggling in the tough economy. Ditto Editions, at the Enterprise Center at Salem State College, wants to help.

It hosts Salon Nights the third Wednesday of each month to guide artists in becoming successful business people.

Marketing is the subject explored Wednesday. During a round-table discussion, artists who have identified markets for selling their art share their approach and experiences.

Panel members include Carol Dearborn and Karen Harvey Cox. Dearborn discusses use of networking and other forms of promotion for seeking and developing corporate accounts and public venues for her art. Cox talks about expanding awareness of her art through

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